So … I got a lot of flak buying a white carpet with young children.  Stains they all said.  How will you keep it clean?

Well, first, it was cheap.  And an experiment.  But, its doing quite well on the stain front.  However, I’ve discovered that its easy to loose sight of toys (especially Star Wars toys) on a white carpet.  They don’t hurt as much as LEGOs to step on, but they’re not great.


See if you can identify:

  • Wii Controller
  • Wii Nunchuck
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
    • Luke Skywalker
    • General Grievous
    • 4 Storm Troopers
  • Mega Blok
  • Penguin
  • Polar Bear
  • Star Wars
    • Millennium Falcon
    • Super Star Destroyer
    • 2 Speeders
    • AT-AT
    • AT-ST
    • Imperial Shuttle
    • Ghost (Rebels)
    • Starspeeder 1000 (Star Tours)