I didn’t really have enough to say on either to make they’re own post, so let’s put two random things together.

A request to the sports sock makers – and really all sock makers out there:  Please include the size on the socks.  We’re all now used to baby/toddler socks being marked with the size.  It’s a useful pattern for their anti-skid materials.

But, it can be done with big people socks also.  See how the M for medium is stitched into the red bulk socks from Target.  I have “S” and “L” Target socks too.  It makes life so much easier.

In contrast, the yellow soccer socks are entirely unmarked.  These are a small and large pair.  And, yes, its reasonably easy to tell them apart.  But, that’s just because we don’t have anyone wearing medium at the moment.  Plus, I hand down soccer socks to the next person, which often means storing them for a bit.  So apart from yellow (town team sock color), I try to buy different colors for different sizes.  But, that’s not the best solution.  Just stitch the sizes in.  Thank you, in advance.



On an entirely different topic, I was given a pack of whole grain cheddar Goldfish crackers.  Now, they don’t taste bad.  But, they definitely don’t taste like the original.  I think they’re less tasty, which might also lead one to eat fewer.  Whole grains might be better for you, but is part of that “betterness” just that we’re eating fewer of those carbs because they don’t taste as good?  As you can see, the main nutrition spec on the package is almost exactly the same.