Yes, soccer and baseball are finished for the spring.  Now, a short respite until summer.  We would have liked to continue baseball for one more week, as our oldest lost in the second round of the playoffs.  But, it was a tight game to finish out their season.

So, this will be the last post for a while that is sports dominated:

  • We had 6 baseball games and 3 baseball practices.
  • We had 6 soccer games and 2 soccer practices.
  • Our oldest went to the 5th grade track meet.
  • Our oldest had a few extra baseball lessons.
  • Our oldest went on the 5th grade camping trip.
  • We had our last Math Morning.
  • I went to a retirement party for the preschool director.
  • I also met the incoming preschool director.
  • We had a preschool play date.
  • I had a doctor appointment.
  • We attended two birthday parties.
  • It finally warmed up so we went to the pool.  Our preschooler spotted a bunny.


  • The warm weather must have been exhausting because multiple people fell asleep on the floor.
  • We thought a sky scraper had sprouted in town, especially as the first time we saw it, it was a dark and rainy day.  In actuality it is a church steeple wrapped in scaffolding, which is a bit easier to see in this sunny day picture.

IMG_6472 cropped