Not much interesting in the meals department, but I did go to the grocery store.

On Monday I stopped at Star Market for roughly 10 each of pizza dough, pizza cheese, and oatmeal.  This should last us a few weeks.


Then, on Thursday I went to Wegman’s for a regular weekly shop.

Yesterday I went back to Wegman’s to purchase items for grilling that night, plus a few things we were low on.  We had hot dogs and sausages for dinner.


I also stopped at the farm stand.  Blueberries and cucumbers are in season locally now.  This farm stand also brings in produce from other areas; hence the broccoli.


Since I didn’t add to our milk supply the second time I went to Wegman’s, I’ll be needing to do that early this week.  I plan to go to Stop & Shop this week to get some items we prefer from there and anything that might be on sale.