Well, things have been a bit hit or miss here over the last month.  With summer upon us the kids are home full time.  It’s basically swimming, baseball, and whatever else we come up with to do.

This year I’ve been trying to be a little less scheduled and go with the flow.  Unfortunately that means less blogging.  Fortunately, it means yes to other things.  We’ve spontaneously (i.e., ask and go essentially immediately):

  • Gone to the pool.
  • Gone for ice cream.
  • Gone to McDonald’s.
  • Played with our neighbors.
  • Gone to the farmer’s market.
  • Gotten the screen replaced on my phone (not the best, but we did it super promptly).
  • Played some board games.
  • Played some video games.
  • Watched some movies.
  • Read some books.
  • Gone for a walk.

We’ve also, in a more planned way,

  • Played at the park.  Many times.
  • Gone strawberry picking.  This is about 8 lbs of strawberries, or what remains of them.


  • Gone to the pool.
  • Taken swimming lessons (Less often than I would have liked as we’ve had issues with temps in the 60s and/or rain/thunderstorms, none of which make for good swimming weather.)


  • Played baseball games.
  • Been to baseball tryouts.
  • One attended multiple baseball camps.
  • Two attended video game design camp.
  • One attended soccer camp.
  • I gave a pile of stuff that had been sitting in the basement to a neighbor for his yard sale.
  • The builder replaced the siding on one side of the house, a result of a manufacturing issue so the vendor covered costs/supplying materials/etc.
  • We went to the town carnival.
  • Plus the standard grocery shopping, though including the farmer’s market because it’s summer.

In summary, I’ll try to post when I can for the next few weeks, but we’re trying to be out doing which is always the priority.