Now that the kids are back to school, its time to get something done.  So, here’s what I’ve largely put off over the summer that I’m hoping to tackle in September.

  • Clean the house.  This means everything – under/behind furniture, all surfaces, inside the furniture/cabinets themselves, unfinished areas, etc.  My plan is to start at the top and work my way down.
  • Identify, tag, and sort items for the twin’s tag sale at the end of the month.
  • Go to BJ’s.  This will be on Sept. 6.  It is the first actual full day of school for everyone and I have coupons that expire that day.
  • Get a haircut.

That list seems short, but it will probably take the whole month.  That first bullet, in particular, is a whopper!  Also, in September, there are only 12 days where everyone has a full day of school.


We also need to get back into school routines and used to our fall schedule.  Fall activities don’t kick off in full until the week of Sept 12 so we have a bit of time to adjust.  This fall we’re dealing with:

  • Soccer (three kids, two @ three days/week, one once a week)
  • Baseball (one kid twice a week)
  • Swimming (four kids once a week)
  • Homework – first year of middle school puts new emphasis on making time for this

I’m still short a baseball schedule, but once I have that I’ll lay out a typical week for us as I’ve done previous seasons.