There really is a bit of a rhythm to the year and we’re back in baseball (a little) / soccer season.  We generally have Wednesdays and Sundays off this fall, save for the occasional meeting or birthday party, which offer nice, regular breaks.


Monday, before school – 4th grade math morning

Monday, after school – soccer practice for 2; This is either simultaneous or back to back.  Both schedules have their pros and cons.

Tuesday, after school – swimming for 4, baseball practice for 1; This is also the most likely day for adult meetings, usually 2-3 times per month.

Wednesday – NOTHING

Thursday, after school – soccer or baseball practice for the same 1, depending on the week and the weather

Friday, after school – soccer practice for 1

Saturday – three soccer games

So, we are busy but this is generally a very doable schedule.  We rely on carpools on Tuesday with the swimming/baseball time conflict.  And, the Saturday soccer games move around so each week is a bit of a different puzzle.