I showed some Halloween pictures in my October summary.  But, how about a few more!

  • The boys went to 4th grade math morning.
  • We had four soccer practices and three soccer games.
  • Only one had swimming lessons this week; most were cancelled for Halloween.
  • We enjoyed the Halloween parade at the elementary school.
  • Our oldest went to an indoor carting birthday party, which he quite enjoyed.
  • I had three parent / teacher conferences.
  • I signed up for Middle School parent / teacher conferences.
    • This presented many dilemmas, which hopefully I’ll figure out when I go so I can do this better next year.
      • First, you have to decide which teachers to speak with.  Our oldest helpfully said, “If I were you I would talk to all of them.”
      • There are seven (really more, but some only conference as a group) and conferences are 10 minutes each so this didn’t seem too bad.
      • But, then I realized that if a conference ended at 10:10 and another started at 10:10 I would have no travel time to get from one to the other.  So, I left gaps, but this means I’m there fore much of the day.  If everything really does run promptly, I’ll try to schedule nearby conferences in adjacent time slots next year.
      • Also, conferences are spread out over one full day plus five half days.  One teacher isn’t there on the full day of conferences.  I decided I couldn’t fit everyone in on the half day so I’m going to one stand-alone 10 minute conference.
    • I took the youngest to her first gym class – really just come play on all the mats, bouncy house, etc.  She’s not napping in the morning anymore so this seemed like a good once a week activity for the winter months.
    • I had everyone try on snow jackets and snow pants.  I’ll need to purchase two full sets and one person will move up to the next size, but we already have it.
      • We’ll need to try on boots, hats, and gloves this weekend.

The weather here is feeling more fall-like.  We had a very warm September and October with next to no rain.  This past week we got a few colder days (seasonable, though they feel cold after the prolonged warm) and some light rain.  I would prefer an occasional downpour instead of a lot of mist, but some moisture is nice for the plants.  It looks like we’ll be in this slightly cooler, slightly wetter pattern for a while now.