Better late than never!

With soccer ending earlier this month, I had thought that our schedule would really free up.  This is largely true of the weekends.  But, there’s been no letup on the week days.  It’s as if the schools knew everyone was at soccer and filled in all the evenings as soon as it was done.

This week (first without soccer practices):

Monday – no public schools for professional day, preschool was in session;  no evening activity

Tuesday – three options for meetings to attend:  1st grade math night (chose this one) or a cyber security talk at the middle school

Wednesday – sleep talk regarding school start times

Thursday – no preschool for parent/teacher conferences; no evening activity

Friday – no middle school for parent/teacher conferences; no evening activity (I am glad I got my conferences schedules for this day vs the later December choices.)

Next week:

Monday – Little League baseball draft

Tuesday – what to do about Halloween meeting at the elementary school

IMG_7247 - Copy

Wednesday – half day for everyone

Thursday – Thanksgiving

Friday – day after Thanksgiving holiday.

Then it will feel like December, but we really will have one more week of November.  But, winter baseball starts one evening per week.

With all that, all the kids will be in school for a full school day only 14 times this month.  The final day of November will be their fourth actual full week of school this year!