Yes, soccer season has come to an end, and not a moment too soon.  Actually, the last day of 1st grade soccer was cancelled because temperatures dropped here from roughly 70 to roughly 40 seemingly overnight.  Temperature at gametime last Saturday was forecast for 22° so they (wisely) cancelled K-2 soccer for that morning.  I shouldn’t complain though because we had a wonderfully warm and dry fall season.

  • The 4th and 6th grade soccer games did happen Saturday afternoon at roughly 35°.
  • Both Monday soccer practices happened in the rain.  Thursday practice was fine.  Friday practice was cancelled because it was so cold.
  • Math morning happened.
  • Two boys went on a school field trip.
  • Four boys went to swimming lessons.
  • We went to one birthday party.
  • The public schools had a four day weekend for Veteran’s Day.  Preschool was in session on Monday.
  • The older boys enjoyed seeing Thor: Ragnarok in the theater.
  • We watched Back to the Future at home on a cold, rainy Monday.
  • I organized the pantry.  Since I wrote that post, we’ve eaten 2 packages of plain oatmeal, the popcorn, and the open package of dates.  I figured prompt progress would be the most effective.
  • I changed all of the filters in the house.
  • I purchased a new glass to replace one the got broken.  Thankfully the store still carries the same pattern from many years ago.