This was a good week.  Unfortunately, I’m in a rut of posting late on Mondays.  But, better late than never.  It will be brief, though because we have to eat early tonight.

I went grocery shopping on Wednesday only.  I went to Target and BJ’s.  Target first for $41.29 in food (plus some other items).  I don’t always take a picture of the Target stuff because its often just juice.  But, this time there was some variety.  Very happy to find the big packs of granola bars in our favorite flavor (vs multi-flavor) also!


Then, I spent $135.44 at BJ’s for a total of $176.73 for the week!

Meals were a bit here and there with many post-dinner activities.

Korean stir-fry with pork and Asian noodles (I’ll review this recipe on Friday.)

Take out pizza

Steaks with pesto, potatoes gratin, carrots, homemade bread

Early: Chicken nuggets, broccoli
Late: Take-out Indian

Early: Pancakes
Late: Homemade pizza

Early: Chicken nuggets, carrots
Late: Out for the company party

Spaghetti & meatballs, spinach salad