Very busy last week.

  • We went to the preschool and middle school winter concerts.  Both boys did a great job with their songs.
  • I had a dentist appointment.
  • We had the baseball uniform fitting and two baseball practices.
  • Two boys were fitted for skis (rentals for their lessons next month).
  • We went to four swimming lessons.
  • I took the youngest to her gym class, as well as one open gym session.
  • The oldest a half day so he went to a trampoline park for the afternoon.
  • We took one boy to a birthday party.
  • The adults attended the company holiday party.
  • Two boys went to math morning.

Along the way:

  • I went to the mall twice.  Once for shopping and once to take the youngest two to see Santa.  I was shocked at how empty the mall was on Tuesday (shopping day).  Not only was there parking and relatively few shoppers, but most stores seemed to be on half staff.  Friday (Santa day) was busier, but still not terrible.  I don’t know if its the current state of retail, or if I’m just ahead of the game this year.  I also drove by on Thursday and there was next to no traffic on the main road out front.  In past years that’s been an area to avoid between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • We had our first snowfall – 6 inches.  The boys all worked together to get the driveway shoveled.  We determined we only have one adult shovel, but five people who could use one that size.  So, I’m on a mission to get a few more.  We have plenty of kid shovels, so some folks resorted to those.  The boys attempted to build snow forts, but ended up with a couple of large snow piles.  It’s been in the 40s since, so I’m not sure how much longer they will last.  It’s raining today, which won’t help.
  • Apart from a few gift cards, my shopping should be done.  I just have to wait for a few more packages to arrive by mail and sort through those I have received.  Hopefully I can kick that off today because tomorrow is trash day and I’d just assume get the packaging moved along.