This week did not get us off to a budget-friendly start.  But, it did include the (roughly) monthly trip to BJ’s so it was never likely to come in low.  Target is one thousand for the month, or a little under $250/week.

Let’s finish off 2017 first, though.

I started on Tuesday with a very small, $12.22 trip to Wegman’s.


Wednesday was the big day.  I had planned to go to Target and BJ’s – last day for the BJ’s coupons and Target is almost next door.  This got done.  First, I spent $36.30 at Target.  The Hershey’s bars were $0.10 on clearance while the holiday M&Ms were $1.90 each.


They I hopped over to BJ’s and spent $176.63.  That brought my total to $225.15 right there.

Then, because we were forecast for 8-12 inches of snow on Thursday (and I had a bit of extra time before the preschool pickup) I decided to make two more small stops on Wednesday.

I grabbed $22.85 of mostly produce from the farm stand.  Apparently I forgot to take a picture of this, but it comprised a bag of broccoli crowns, green beans, three pears, tomatoes, and dinner rolls.

Lastly I snuck in a very quick $35.14 at Stop & Shop.


And we settled in for the storm.  Turns out we beat the forecast with 17 inches of snow and temps in the single to negative single digits over three days.  Wind chills reached into the negative 30s; not typical for us at all.  Since we did not lose power or have any significant issues apart from staying indoors, we did a fair amount of cooking and ate much of what you see above.

On Saturday, I decided to venture out for another small – $22.55 – trip to Wegman’s.


On Sunday, I attended a GNO at the mall during which I purchased $23.97 of clearance holiday foods.  That brought my total to $329.66 for the week; $176.63 at BJ’s and $153.03 elsewhere.

The combination of the first partial week of the year and the snowstorm cancelling many things enabled many family dinners.

Early: Leftover rib roast, mashed potatoes
Late: Take-out Chinese

Meatball subs, tater tots, carrot sticks

Leg of lamb, baked potato, green beans, rolls

Beef barley soup, beer bread

Early: Macaroni & cheese, brocolli
Late: Homemade pizza

Pork carnitas, pico de gallo, corn

Sunday (I was out.):
Take-out pizza