I changed the title.  Not sure this one is great either, but accomplishments wasn’t exactly right.  Sometimes things just happen vs being “accomplished.”  This is one of those weeks.

The most notable thing this week was the snowstorm.  We had 17 inches, well over forecast and tied for tops in our general region.  Couple that with very low temperatures and winds and it was pretty miserable for a few days.  Two days off school gave us extra time to play with the Christmas presents, cook, and otherwise hang out indoors.  Thankfully we had no water or power issues.

  • The boys built some snow forts big enough to hold themselves.
  • I made two batches of cookies which finished off my free container of yogurt.


  • I signed up the middle four for swimming lessons next session.  We usually take the winter off since nobody really wants to come out of swimming with wet heads into a cold, dark world.  Then we jump back in for session four before taking the spring session off to focus on baseball and soccer.
  • The first skiing and little people gym classes of 2018 were cancelled because of the snow.  We also lost a baseball practice.
  • The second baseball practice did happen – still very cold, but the snow had let up and driving was ok by this point.
  • I picked up a few yard sale items for the kids.
  • I went to a GNO.  It was a new restaurant that I’d heard many people raving about.  It was fine, but I’m not in a big hurry to go back.
  • I got all the Christmas wrapping/boxes/etc. packed up for this week’s trash pickup.  Our pickup was delayed two days because of the holiday and snow.  Plus there were still high winds when they did pick up so I put out the minimum possible lest trash be blowing all over the neighborhood.  I imagine the trucks will be very full this week.