To say not much got done last week is not exactly correct.  But, going to the grocery store so many times really did eat into my ability to do much of anything else.  I’ll have to turn that around this week.

We were able to get into a more typical winter weekly schedule though.

  • Our oldest had two sports conditioning session plus three baseball sessions.
  • The youngest had gym class.
  • Our twins had their first ski lessons of the winter after last week was postponed due to snow.
  • Our oldest went tubing on a school half day.
  • We continued enjoying / setting up Christmas presents.  The younger boys have loved the space pod so far; hopefully it will last despite being made of cardboard.
  • We had a few very warm rainy days that washed away almost all the snow.  So, we used that opportunity to take down the outdoor Christmas decorations.
  • We put away both the indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations.
  • I added a few candles bought on Christmas sales to a candle holder we already had for the top shelf in the living room.  It had been looking a bit bare, but I think this fills it in nicely.


  • I’ve been working my way through the kids clothes, moving pretty much everyone to the next size shirts and tossing items with holes.  I’ve also used some post Christmas sales to add a few necessary pieces.  The older four are done, just have to finish up the younger two.