Another snow day!  As you can see we didn’t have that much snow.  And, many people debated the merits of a snow day.  But, I watched more than one vehicle have trouble on the road in front of our house.  Plus these things are so hard to judge, especially when they start in the early morning hours.

Apart from that, we had:

  • Three rounds of baseball for the oldest.
  • A birthday celebration for the youngest (now 2).
  • Three days of after school conditioning for the oldest.
  • Before school sports for the twins.
  • Skiing lesson for the twins.
  • Gym class for the youngest.
  • A GNO yoga night for me!
  • Math morning for the twins.
  • Two doctor appointments.
  • And one school meeting.

I’m not sure how many things we finished accomplishing, but we made progress towards many things.

  • Christmas & birthday presents continued to be assembled/setup/learned.
  • The last of the Christmas items got put away.
  • Some other misc boxes found their final resting places.
  • I picked out a new picture for the Dining Room.  I still need to hang it.
  • I finished up the closet reorg for the youngest two.  I think everyone should be set for clothes this winter, as long as we don’t go through the knees of too many more pants!