This was a good week, for the grocery budget anyway.  I’m not sure I fully made up for the previous overruns, but it is substantially lower than an average week so hopefully the month will work itself out.

I made three stops.

I spent $50.74 at Stop & Shop on Thursday, mostly on cheese (on sale) and milk.  Blueberries were still buy one, get one free so I got another two of those also.  Juice, beans, and potato salad were not on sale.

On Saturday, I made two stops.  First, I spent $96.28 at Wegman’s.  Yes, more milk!

Then, that afternoon I made a quick $58.11 stop at BJ’s.  There’s a BJ’s (not my usual one) near the winter baseball site which makes it reasonable to stop in fairly often.  It is not the healthiest collection, but we’re not going to eat it all at once either.


That brought my total to $205.13, nicely under the roughly $250/week target.

And, what did we eat?

Fish tacos, guacamole, pico de gallo

Spaghetti & meatballs, spinach salad

Tacos (ground turkey)

Early: Hot dogs, carrot sticks
Late: Homemade pizza

Friday (I was out):
Take out pizza

BBQ chicken wings, baked beans, potato salad, carrot sticks/cucumber slices, biscuits


Chicken noodle soup, harvest bread