Things are a bit off lately as I’ve been dealing with multiple sick children.  So, while I don’t usually post on Wednesdays I figured I’d post today rather than waiting further.

I did fairly well towards the January goals, all things considered.

  • Finish the master bedroom clean.  I was going to be on track until sickness hit last week.  So, this will carry over yet again.  But, it is mostly done.
  • Start the office clean:
    • Put away items that shouldn’t be in there.
    • Shred the massive pile of bills/receipts/etc.  It turns out this pile was much bigger than I had anticipated.  I started, but there’s a lot more sorting/shredding to do.
    • Put away important documents to keep and toss ones that are older than need keeping.  Done, although this did add to the previous task.
    • Fix one category of broken items: books, sewing, or plastic stuff.


    • Clean near the window wall and put the desk back where it belongs.
  • Make a master cleaning document to track how often things should be/are getting cleaned.
  • Set up the new meals/activities tracking white boards.


This was a more relaxed month since we generally have less on the calendar in the winter.

  • The kids attended weekly conditioning, baseball, skiing, sports, math, and gym classes.
  • I registered the middle four for swimming lessons starting next month.
  • Our oldest had a half day snow tubing trip.
  • I went to two Girl’s Nights Out – dinner/drinks & yoga.
  • We had two doctor appointments.
  • We celebrated two birthdays.
  • I had two school meetings.
  • We had three snow days; this before our usual snowy period of February and March.
  • We assembled, hung, set up, etc. most of the Christmas/birthday presents.  I think all have been a success.
  • With sickness setting in I’ve been doing even more laundry than usual.

So, where does this leave us for February?  Since February is a shorter month and I’m going into this with two sick kids (Three have been sick so far so there might be more to come.  Fingers crossed!), I’m not making any great commitments.

While I’m going to try to make progress on sorting/shredding the bills/receipts/etc., I am not even going to try to finish that task this month.  I’ve also still got sewing and plastic stuff to fix.  The office is being pushed off to March.

Here’s what I plan to do:

  • Finish the master bedroom clean.
  • Set up / put remaining items into circulation.  This is a bit of a catch-all, but includes a number of things we’ve bought/received over the past few months.
    • Two Amazon gift cards to enter so they get used instead of the credit card on file.
    • Clothing that needs tags cut off so it can be put in the appropriate person’s closet.
    • One LEGO set needs assembling (adult assistance required for this one).
    • Five electronic devices need some settings updated.
    • Some clothing items from the sizing sort need to go to their final homes – either the sale bin or the hand-me-down bin.
    • Open the new mop and use it for the bathroom floors.