This will be a rather short post.

We were on vacation most of last week!  So, the only grocery shopping I did was $109.23 at BJ’s yesterday to start the restocking process.  Mostly milk.  And, I got rather lazy with the picture taking as I needed the milk and bread for lunch pretty much instantly.


This coming week I’ll be at each of my rather regular grocery locations to restock appropriate items.

The budget while on vacation was terrible as we ate out for lunch and dinner every day.  However, this was included in our vacation purchase.  So, its in the vacation budget not the food budget.  I did bring food from home to have breakfasts in the hotel room that came from purchases you’ve seen earlier in the month.

As you will see tomorrow will not be a standard post either, but then we’ll likely get back on track.  Plus, I have new material so stay tuned!