Normally, I’d write about what we did last week on Tuesdays but we were on vacation and I’ll write about that in other posts.

So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to catch you up on our month.  In summary, we have been sick almost the entire month.  It’s been quite something as we are usually pretty healthy.  But, we’ve been knocked for a collective loop.

A couple of us ended January with a mild cold.  That’s nothing.  It’s winter.

February, however, arrived with a bang.  The evening of Wednesday January 31, the 5 year-old succumbed to norovirus.  A number of preschoolers had been sick throughout January and unfortunately we weren’t able to evade it forever.  He was finally feeling better by Saturday.

On Monday, February 5 our middle school-er came home with the flu.  We had all had flu shots.  But, they aren’t all that effective this year and over the next two weeks seven of eight of us had gotten the flu.  All of us went on Tamiflu (whether that staved it off for the last I don’t know).  Between that and the flu shot, the sickness was only 3-4 days for any given person.

Tuesday, February 6 was family day at preschool so the youngest and I spent extra time there.  That night the 2 year-old came down with norovirus.  She was under the weather through Friday.

Thankfully, all of us were better by Valentine’s Day and able to largely enjoy our vacation.  We collectively had more issues with ear pain on the airplanes since we were still dealing with lingering effects.  Plus, five of us (including the 5 year-old again) had short-lived bouts of norovirus on vacation.

Now that we’re back, two kids have colds and I have a sinus infection.  Fingers crossed that we’ll be back to full health by this time next week!

What all this means is that my February was dominated by laundry, with a second shout out to prepping and being on vacation.  My monthly accomplishments post next week might be pretty short.