Apologies for the missing post yesterday.  The Nor’easter brought us heavy snow that knocked out our power from 2 am to 6 pm.  I had planned the lower part of the post yesterday and then starting on the travel posts today, but those will have to wait until next week.

We have propane so we did have a fireplace and stove available to us.  No oven, or I would have been baking all day!  The fireplace kept the temperature very reasonable though it did drop slowly throughout the day.  Outside was nicely at refrigerator temperature so I kept the in-process milk outside to prevent opening the fridge unnecessarily.

There was no school yesterday for the snow, which fell almost entirely overnight.  No school again today because of power outages and downed trees preventing the buses from driving all of their routes.  I can’t see any restoration work, but I can hear the chainsaw chorus this morning.  Many people are still without power throughout the Metro area, including some who lost power in last week’s Nor’easter so the tree services/power companies/electricians/insurance companies/etc. have their hands full.

In the random thoughts category, I saw this building last month.  Note that I know nothing about it, it just happened to be in front of me when I visited a grocery store I rarely go to.


I finally decided that I don’t think the porch is falling off.  I’m not sure who thought to put the siding and windows on an angle to match the roof.  But, I’m assuming behind that siding is a horizontal floor.  Not sure, of course; it definitely looks odd.

My second, less random thought, is that these folks don’t actually want to give me $10 back.  We moved about 18 months ago and this clearly says it is related to our “payoff statement.”  But, it was mailed to our previous address.  The only reason I got it is because I know the new occupants; we’re past the post office’s forwarding period.

I don’t know how many people still occupy the same address after a “payoff,” but I know that the bank knows were we are living now.  In the end, I got (and cashed) the check and will leave it at that with the bank, but I wonder how many of these they send out that never reach their intended recipient.