First things first.  It did not snow!  Well, it did a very little bit, but not enough to cancel anything which is what really counts after so many snow days.

We’re gearing up for the later winter to spring sports transition.

  • Middle school baseball kicked off with an organizational meeting last week
  • We had the last Sunday winter baseball session for our oldest
  • He also went on a school field trip
  • He had two other baseball sessions
  • We got the fourth grade concert in on schedule (some snow, but no cancellation)
  • The boys also went to math morning and before school sports
  • They went to a friend’s house
  • The middle four kids had a swimming lesson
  • Our youngest went to gym class

Among all of these things, I

  • went to a doctor appointment.
  • fixed a book.
  • started rearranging one of the bedrooms.
  • got back on track with the cleaning.

Finally, we celebrated the last birthday of the winter season.

We also watched them demolish an old fire station.  We just happened upon this.  It’s one town over so I don’t know what they’re planning to do with the land.