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This was our first visit to Pandora as it had not yet opened when we were last in Florida.  Because Pandora is still relatively new, we opted for two days in Animal Kingdom so that we could get Fast Passes to both Pandora rides.  This turned out to be a good idea as even the Na’vi River Journey line was over an hour.  The line for Avatar Flight of Passage was at least four and sometimes six hours!

Next time I would not feel the need to use a fast pass for Na’vi River Journey.  It’s not a bad ride, but there are a few reasons.  First, I expect the lines in Pandora to decrease with time and it will be at least two years before we are back.  Second, I suspect if you kept an eye on the app you could find a time with a relatively short line; forty-five minutes would be reasonable.  Third, it was not our favorite indoor boat ride and, because one cannot book Avatar Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey fast passes on the same day, it would require a second day in Animal Kingdom which we probably won’t do next time.  Of the two new family boat rides (both with movies we have not seen), we strongly preferred Frozen Ever After in Epcot to Na’vi River Journey in Animal Kingdom.  We’ll use our extra day next time in Hollywood Studios after Star Wars and Toy Story lands open.  We only spent one day there this year since so much of it was closed.


Avatar Flight of Passage is fabulous!  It is like a modern, more intense Soarin’.  People who get motion sick should keep this in mind.  Even without seeing the movie it was a great experience that we would have been happy to go on multiple times.  We were able to appreciate both the unique ride motion and the graphics/storyline.

Another great addition to Animal Kingdom in Pandora is Satu’li Canteen.  The menu is a bit daunting when you first look at it.  But, between all of us we tried most everything, in many combinations, and everyone came out happy.  We will definitely be back.  It was substantially less crowded than any other Disney quick service restaurant we experienced.  I also appreciated that, while you were not allowed to claim your seat until you had your food, the lines were wide enough for double strollers and large groups.  Plus, tables were reserved for parties of six or larger, which can be very hard to find throughout Disney.

The only bad thing we found in Pandora was the Night Blossom drink.  We all found it to be far too sweet and generally just not good.

Even if you do not choose to ride anything in Pandora, it is worth a visit.  The scenery is spectacular and not something you see every day. And, Satu’li Canteen is worth the hike all the way in.