It seems like we’re finally coming out from under the snow!

This week I:

  • finished the thank-you notes from all the kid’s birthday parties.
  • fixed one book.
  • went to three parent/teacher conferences.
  • took one child for an annual physical.
  • cleaned and put away half the snow gear.  Of course it then snowed on Monday.  Thankfully I had waited on the preschooler’s stuff and most gloves on purpose!

And, we had our activities:

  • The oldest went to six baseball sessions.  No games yet.
  • The twins went to Math Morning and Before School Sports.
  • The twins went to Ninja Warrior Night at school.
  • Four kids had swimming lessons.
  • The youngest went to gymnastics and gym classes.
  • Two kids started soccer for the spring season.

We had a low key Easter.  But, I made cookies and we had an egg hunt.  How many eggs can you see in the wall?

As for my March goals, I think I did fairly well (especially with the snow days that kept people under foot.)

  • Finish the master bedroom clean.
  • Get back on track with general cleaning.  (This is a big one and will include trying out the new mop.)
  • Set up / put remaining items into circulation.  This is a bit of a catch-all, but includes a number of things we’ve bought/received over the past few months.
    • Two Amazon gift cards to enter so they get used instead of the credit card on file.
    • One LEGO set needs assembling (adult assistance required for this one).
    • Two electronic devices need some settings updated.
    • Two carpet pads need trimming/adjusting.

So, here’s the plan for April (including the one carry-over):

  • Assemble one LEGO set that needs adult assistance.
  • Sort through my clothes and keep/donate/recycle.  The quantity is not terrible, but there are a few too many I have not worn in a very long time.
  • Inspired by others who have embarked on spring cleaning, I will try the method whereby you throw out the number of items as the day of the month, with a few caviats:
    • They have to have been our house for at least a month; same day junk mail doesn’t count.
    • Throwing out = trash/recycle/donate/sell as long as the task fully done by the end of the month.  I think obviously trash will be the easiest here, since no second step is required.
    • If I make it this will be 465 items, so any size counts.
  • Get all the kids to their respective activities.  This is no small feat in the spring and will get even worse in May when baseball is in full swing.  So, definitely not the easiest, but the highest priority.