It has been an up and down month with rather high and rather low spending weeks, nothing in between.  We’ll see how that worked out!

This week was high.

On Monday, I spent $46.00 at Shaw’s (left) and $37.56 at Stop & Shop (right).

On Wednesday, I went to BJ’s for the second time this month because my coupons were going to start expiring.  I spent $296.59.

Finally, I spent $96.64 at Wegman’s on Saturday bringing the week to a total of $476.79.  And that closed out the month.


Let’s see if we’re making up for the light spending in February.

March TOTAL: $1,127.49

  • Stop & Shop: $144.43
  • Wegman’s: $439.52
  • BJs: $460.47
  • Other: $83.07
    • Local: $13.97
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $46.00
    • Trader Joe’s: $0
    • Target: $23.10
    • Other: $0

That is high, but seems very reasonable for a month with two significant trips to BJ’s.

This is the last week before spring sports kick in.  And, yet, it is a bit of a mess because we had activities push from the various snow days into this week.  Glad to get them done before soccer/baseball season really kicks off though.

Homemade fried dumplings, rice, broccoli stir-fry

Early: Hot dogs, spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza

Chicken noodle soup, homemade bread

Early: Chicken nuggets, green beans
Middle (yes, even worse than usual): pizza at an event
Late: Indian take-out

Early: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Late: Homemade pizza

Shepard’s pie, green beans

Grilled tri-tip, baked beans, homemade bread, cole slaw, carrot sticks