This was supposed to be the first week of soccer season, but we lost much of that to rain and snow (yes, snow in April).  Middle school baseball tryouts have also been significantly affected because of the weather.


  • Two middle school baseball practices happened.  Two got rain/snowed out.
  • One travel baseball practice happened along with their first two games of the season.
  • The elementary kids had an extra half day for parent-teacher conferences.  Mine was last week so we just had the afternoon off.
  • The appropriate people attended math morning (2), swimming lessons (4), Before School Sports (2), and gym class (1).
  • We did get in a total of three soccer practices and one game.  Two games and one practice were lost.
  • On Friday evening we went to the preschool’s Ice Cream Social where the kids had ice cream for dinner and watched a clown show.  The clown is funny because he’s been doing the same show for the nine years we’ve been going.  Yet, the older kids are still trying to figure out some of the tricks.
  • Our first grader attended a birthday party.

I even got some things done:

  • I sold two items for a total of $115.  They go towards my getting rid of the number of items of the day goal.
  • I fixed two books that had been somewhat torn by our two year-old.
  • I signed three kids up for a summer camp they really wanted.  I’m trying to reduce the scheduled activities this summer as we all felt we were running all over last summer.
  • Despite that last comment, I signed the middle four up for the swimming lessons that are included as part of the pool membership.
  • I signed the oldest five up for the bus next year.
  • I went to an annual doctor appointment.
  • I stayed on track with my spring cleaning goal!  (Of course, the beginning of the month is the easiest.)