Despite a late week trip to BJ’s, I managed to stay almost on track.  With the low earlier part of the month there should be plenty of cushion to make it up.

On Monday I spent $49.44 at Stop & Shop, mostly for items on sale.  The juice was not on sale, but I used my raincheck from the sale a few weeks ago.


I spent $54.08 at Wegman’s on Wednesday.  This was largely a restocking trip and was intended as the only other stop of the week.  But …

… the bad weather on Sunday cancelled all the baseball.  So in anticipation of that we went back to Wegman’s on Friday for fish tacos ingredients.  I used that trip as an opportunity to grab some items for a few more nice dinners.  Our schedule has us busy at dinner most nights this coming week, but the weather might dictate otherwise.


On Sunday, we spent $158.38 at BJ’s bringing the total for the week to $331.08.

With all the activities come lots of split dinners.

Early: Chicken nuggets, grapes
Late: Homemade pizza

Lasagna, spinach salad

Early: Macaroni & cheese, brocolli
Late: Welsh rarebit

Early: Hot dogs, applesauce
Late: Tuna noodle casserole

Early: Chicken nuggets, carrot sticks
Late: OUT

Early: Pancakes
Late: Homemade pizza

Fish tacos