It was a busy week last week with a mix of baseball and soccer activities.  It would have been even busier, though, if we hadn’t lost a few instances of both to the continued cold, wet weather.  Collectively we lost one soccer game, two baseball games, and one baseball practice.

Planned kids activities:

  • Four kids had their last indoor swimming lessons.
  • Two kids had Little League pictures taken.
  • The youngest went to her gym and gymnastics classes.  We’re done with gym classes for the season.
  • The oldest had three baseball practices and two baseball games.
  • Collectively we attended three soccer practices and one soccer game.
  • The first grader missed his soccer game in favor of a birthday party.
  • Our preschooler went to the circus with friends.
  • There was no math morning this week, but the was Before School Sports.

I’m continuing to delay fully putting away winter gear.  I did put away the winter boots and the snow shovels.  But, yesterday it was so cold at soccer that winter jackets, gloves, and hats did little to fend off the cold wind.  And, as crazy as it sounds, we were under a Winter Weather Advisory Sunday for sleet/freezing rain/snow.  We did not have snow, but there was just enough to be noticeable at the start of the Boston Marathon and just to the north they had a full coating of the white stuff.

Monday was so rainy that many Patriot’s Day events were cancelled.  We largely spent the day at home as a result.

With so much baseball (and to a lesser extent soccer), I’m getting less done.  But, I did:

  • Change the batteries in two of the thermostats because I noticed the low battery symbol.
  • Uploaded the Pampers app (since the online code entry is ending soon) and entered my backlog of codes.  Maybe with the app I won’t let the backlog build as much.  Logging into the computer always seemed a bit much for a single code – once every few months was fine.  Of course, maybe we’ll be done with diapers soon too!
  • Took my car in for an oil change.  Apparently Patriot’s Day is a great day to do this as the place was open but empty.