This was the first week of the spring where we had no sports rain-outs!  That gave us a fairly typical spring week of:

  • 8 baseball games
  • 4 baseball practices
  • 4 soccer practices
  • 2 soccer games
  • 1 gymnastics class
  • 2 at bike club
  • 2 at Before School Sports
  • 2 at Math Morning

My oldest was a tour guide for the 5th graders visiting Middle School.

I didn’t have any specific appointments, but I:

  • read and recycled a few back issues of a magazine.
  • mailed my last return from last week’s clean out.
  • continued work on this month’s clean out.
  • dropped off a pair of shoes to be repaired.
  • tried using the Instant Pot to hard boil eggs.  That worked really well.
  • Built one of two bags of the backlogged LEGO set.  As a result we have half a fire truck.