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Sadly, there’s enough that I’m going for 465 more things this month and already have it in my head for the fall.  I know, not everyone would count every school worksheet, but some folks count pairs of shoes as 2 so I feel like there’s an element of what works for you involved.

Day 25:


Return: The black bag has nine items that will be returned.

Donate: The three shirts in the bottom row are too short.  The shirt in the middle left never really fit right.  There are two items under it plus one pack of hair clips.

Fabric Recycling: The blue shirt on the right has stains that won’t come out and doesn’t fit right anymore.  All the items in the top row have holes.

Trash: We don’t need the package of replacement toothbrush heads.  We have another set and, frankly, don’t replace the heads nearly often enough to need all of these.

Day 26:


Recycling:  This whole stack is going in the recycling.

Day 27:


Recycling: I know it doesn’t look like much, but there are twenty-seven items here and most are papers being recycled.

Trash: The two binders have seen better days and will hit the trash.

Day 28:


Recycle: I’m continuing to power through the school papers.  Everything here will be recycled.  Enjoy the artwork!

Day 29:


Recycle: Everything here will end up in the recycling.

Day 30:


Recycle: Enjoy the artwork!  Everything here will be recycled.


By the end of this post I will have finished the 2015-2016 school year papers, and started 2016-2017.  Given that, I decided to power on to get through that next school year.  I’ll save the current school year for the fall.  Plus, in both cases you’ll see that I have plenty of other things/rooms I didn’t get to in this first attempt.  And, I think taken in full there was a nice range of items parted with.

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