I failed to write down what we ate last week.  I’m sure there were chicken nuggets and pancakes and pizza.  I know we had chili on Sunday night.  Beyond that its a bit of a blur, which is also part of why this is the first post in eight days!

But, I did go to the grocery store.  I largely took pictures.  And I have the receipts to remind me of where I went when.

I had a small gift card to a local craft/gift store so on Monday I spent $10.80 (out of pocket, after gift card) there on some fancy cocoa and jam.  I would have been happy to buy earrings or pottery or any number of other things, but nothing really jumped out and fancy food is always nice.

I then spent $176.80 at BJ’s on Wednesday.  There is obviously some restocking here, but I also had a reasonable number of coupons.

On Friday I spent $115.62 at Wegman’s.  My primary purpose was to buy ground beef and a jalapeno for the chili, but I hoped to get enough shopping done to not have to go there again soon. (You’ll see Stop & Shop in a moment because I needed a few things Wegman’s does not carry.)  We ate a lot of eggs over the holiday weekend.


Finally, on Sunday I made a small trip to Stop & Shop.  The boys wanted sausages with their eggs Monday morning.  I would normally get these at BJ’s, but that’s rather far away.  So, I made a short trip and also picked up the hot dogs they had requested and a couple of other items I can only get at Stop & Shop.  This total was $23.43.


That brought my total for the week to $326.65, not bad for a week with a BJ’s trip.