As I warned before the month started, May is busy around here.  I’m trying my best to stay in touch here, but obviously less than usual.  Things really start to wind down after this week so soon I should be more or less back!

May TOTAL: $1,196.75

  • Stop & Shop: $57.30
  • Wegman’s: $503.01
  • BJs: $286.79
  • Other: $349.65
    • Local: $155.53
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $124.69
    • Trader Joe’s: $0
    • Target: $69.43
    • Other: $0

This was definitely not a low month.  Two trips to BJ’s and a Wegman’s total that almost equaled everything from April pushed it significantly higher.  But, its not horribly out of line and was bound to happen with such low months so far this year.

I made three grocery stops this past week, only the first of which is included in the May numbers above.

On Thursday, I spent $71.83 at Shaw’s for oatmeal and pizza supplies.  Not the nicest picture, I know!


Then on Friday I spent $23.91 at Stop & Shop.  Somehow I failed to get a picture, but there were ONLY two milks, some cheese, hot dog supplies, mushrooms, and spinach.

Finally, on Monday I spent $106.89 on a big produce and dairy restock at Wegman’s.

Food continues to be quick and not very interesting – chicken nuggets, hot dogs, homemade pizza, etc.  I didn’t note every day.