I was in and out to a lot of grocery stores this week.  Nothing huge, but catching up on some places I don’t go often and hitting the same store on two sale cycles adds up.

On Thursday, I spent $56.57 at Stop & Shop.  We were away a few days over the fourth so some restocking was needed and I wanted to get some items on this sale cycle (they’re Friday – Thursday) so I squeezed this in after we got back Thursday afternoon.  As you can see, I had timed running out of milk well with our trip!

Then on Friday, I made a relatively small trip to Wegman’s.  I didn’t strictly need to go on Friday.  But, I was going to need to go soon and we were trapped inside all day by thunderstorms and heavy rain.  We have a garage and Wegman’s has a parking garage so we spent $53.78, got out of the house, and stayed dry.  I had a $5 off coupon for this specific type of cheese, so that part cost $0.55 (close as I could get to $5).


The clouds broke briefly while we were out so I quickly ran in to Shaw’s for oatmeal and pizza supplies ($63.84).


Then on Saturday, I spent $29.65 at Stop & Shop where I grabbed two fruit salads for an evening BBQ that didn’t make the picture.


Finally, on Sunday I spent $17.37 at the farm stand on corn, local green beans, and cherries.


That brought by grand total for the week to a reasonable $221.21.