Well, at least I’m keeping up with one post a week.  So much harder when the kids are all home for the summer!  And, I realized I completely forgot the June totals so they’ll be at the bottom of this post.

I made three stops this week, one at each of the major stores.

On Wednesday, I spent $138.36 at Wegman’s.

There’s items for two meals here plus some extras.  The pork butt, rolls, and coleslaw were for pulled pork on Saturday.  I bought more rolls than necessary, but better to not run out and they can always be eaten separately.  The cod and shrimp (small round container) were for California Fish Stew Wednesday night.

So far this summer we’re eating a lot of eggs, smoothies (ie, yogurt), and cheese slices.  Milk and grape juice are pretty standard.  On the far right is a small bag of cherries – in season, but only three of us will eat them.

On Thursday I spent $100.45 at BJ’s, not bad for my monthly visit.

Unfortunately they had no honey, which was my real reason for going on Thursday.  Otherwise I could have saved this stuff for next week.  But, it was a true stock up with multiple copies of almost everything.

Finally, on Sunday I spent $50.12 at Stop & Shop.  I had to spend $55 before $5 off coupon, so I did pretty well.  They were out of the cheese slices I wanted so I was glad I had gotten some (less preferred variety) at Wegman’s above.  As a result I got an extra egg noodles and extra pack of Gatorade.  Both will be used eventually and they were essentially free since I used them to move up from $48 -> $55.

That brought my total for Week 28 to $288.93.

June was a busy month in so many ways – school ending, sports transitioning, and MANY grocery stops.

June TOTAL: $1,311.89

  • Stop & Shop: $184.13
  • Wegman’s: $647.05
  • BJs: $337.15
  • Other: $143.56
    • Local: $53.54
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $61.24
    • Trader Joe’s: $0
    • Target: $28.78
    • Other: $0

Clearly the many stops and the multiple BBQs showed!