I had planned to post this yesterday.  But, happily Mother Nature did not obey the weather forecast so we ended up at the pool for a good chunk of the day vs home while it rained.

We made five grocery stops this week.  I spent $111.05 on Monday – the first trip to Wegman’s.  The veal was the heavy hitter.


I made a small trip – $27.78 – to Stop & Shop on Wednesday.

On Friday I spent even less at the farm stand – $17.92.  Summer produce is excellent.


On Saturday, we spent $88.45 on nice steaks.  These were grilled with mashed potatoes and carrots.  On Sunday, I spent another $118.99 at Wegman’s.  It rained so we needed a change of dinner plan.  Dinner ended up as meatball subs.  Hopefully that carries us through much of this week also.

That brought us to a very big $364.19 for the week.  I’m sure we’ll need milk this week, but otherwise we may get by with what’s on hand.