I bought a lot of produce this week.  Seasonal stuff we actually want to eat has finally arrived.  Plus, my kids really liked cherries this year, which admittedly aren’t local.

I spent $19.66 at the farm stand on Tuesday.  (Our farm stand grows a lot of their own stuff, but also buys from elsewhere – hence the cherries.)


On Thursday, I made an even smaller stop at Stop & Shop.  I spent $14.64 almost exclusively on items on sale.  Bananas and mushrooms were the exceptions.


I was back at the farmstand for $25.40 of mostly produce on Friday.


Finally, on Saturday I made a relatively modest trip to Wegman’s.  For $98.50 I bought a lot of drinks, bought some weekend dinner specific items, and restocked a few things.

That brought my total for the week to a very reasonable $158.20.

Baseball is still dominating our dinner hours, but we did manage to have a few family dinners this week.  I haven’t been doing as good a job of keeping track, but our family dinners were meatball subs mid-week, grilled hot dogs on Saturday, and tacos on Sunday.