I felt like I was at the store every day last week.  On the other hand, baseball has finally come to an end so I have a full set of weekday dinners to plan this coming week vs quick doses of chicken nuggets.

On Monday, I made my monthly trip to Shaw’s.  I spent $62.84 mostly on pizza dough and cheese.  Chicken nuggets were on sale so I picked up one meal’s worth, as well as a bunch of bananas.  I don’t usually get dinosaur shaped chicken, but they were out of the standard ones.


On Tuesday, I spent $7.24 on produce from the farm stand.

My biggest trip of the week was to Wegman’s on Wednesday – $136.94.

I took a few days off.  But, I was back at the farm stand on Saturday for a full load of produce – $38.94.


Finally, I spent $21.54 at Wegman’s on Sunday.  There are two gallons of milk missing from the picture.  This will get us through until Tuesday when I plan to go to Stop & Shop.  Hopefully that will be my only stop this coming week.


That brought my total for the week to $267.50.

So how did we do in July as a whole?  Still high.

July TOTAL: $1,350.03

  • Stop & Shop: $178.76
  • Wegman’s: $679.16
  • BJs: $100.45
  • Other: $391.66
    • Local: $264.98
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $126.68
    • Trader Joe’s: $0
    • Target: $0
    • Other: $0