Well, for the first time since March we have a whole week with no sports during the dinner hour!  So, I had time to think, plan, remember, and write about it.  And, its not such a repetitive list.

But, first the shopping.

On Tuesday I made a big trip to Stop & Shop – $100.97.  This was partially because we were having seafood twice (with sales & coupons) and partially because I had excellent bonus gas point coupons if I exceeded $100.  Gas points came out to 456!

See the small bag of rice?  It turns out that they no longer carry the larger bag I usually buy.  On Wednesday I had to go to the hardware store one town over.  It is right next to a larger Stop & Shop.  Turns out they still carry the larger bag and it was on sale so I spent $4.99 on rice.

This was birthday week.  On Thursday I stopped into my regular Stop & Shop for cupcakes.  Yes, I could have made a cake.  But, we have those who like vanilla and those who like chocolate.  By the time you make both of those and ice them, its simpler and not that much more expensive to just buy the cupcakes.

To resupply milk (and buy another cake for yet another birthday), I spent $59.79 at Wegman’s on Saturday.  The Cokes are because the twins need clear 2L bottles per their school supply list.

So, lots of small trips.  But, only $173.73 total.

And, check out all the real food!

Ground beef with spinach – picadillo con espinacas
Spinach salad (for those less keen on the cooked spinach)

Cod with swiss chard and potatoes
Leftover homemade bread

Lobster salad sandwiches
Tater tots
Carrot sticks

Spaghetti & meatballs
Spinach salad

Early: Chicken nuggets
Late: Homemade pizza

Pork pan-fried dumplings
Green beans

Take-out pizza