First week of school this week.  No two days are the same.  Lots of back to school events.  The first day where they all have full days of school is next week.

So, I’m behind.

But, I wanted to get this one up so a grocery post on a non-Monday it is.

Last week didn’t have many stops, but they were rather large.  Coming back after vacation and school startup (which changes our meal needs) will do that.

On Monday I spent $25.58 at the farm stand (melon picture) and $56.09 at Stop & Shop (milk and bananas pictures).

Tuesday’s stop at Wegman’s was a big one any given week – $217.04.  There were a few things that didn’t make the pictures, but we ate them before the picture was taken.

On Saturday I spent another $94.59 at Wegman’s.  We’re going through a lot of milk and cheese with everyone home.

Finally, on Friday I spent another $47.25 at the farm stand.  This is the time of year when we eat the most produce as the local options are full of things we want to eat.


That brought our total for the week to $440.55 or almost two weeks of grocery budget!  And, the month will get worse today since I’m headed to BJ’s for the first time since the beginning of summer.