We really haven’t done much to prepare for school yet.  That will be this week’s task.


Last week we were on vacation in DC & Virginia.  I’ll post more about each of our locations over the next week or so, but first some general trip thoughts.

  • We drove.  This works well with so many people and a relatively short trip.  We also needed a car while there.  But, I do have some thoughts on that subject.
    • First, I’m not sure Google Maps can properly estimate traffic hours into your journey.  It persisted on sending us through NYC on the George Washington Bridge.  Much past experience (paper map driving days) tells me to take the Tappan Zee/Garden State Parkway route.
    • On the plus side, Google Maps did suggest a new to us route east of the Tappan Zee bridge which we will have to make note of because it was much better than our previous trips on the Saw Mill Parkway.
    • I also wish the Google Maps app could let you quickly switch between routes like you can on a computer.  It is very difficult to check alternate routes while underway.
    • Why oh why are rest areas in New Jersey so terrible?  I somewhat understand the issues with the ones closest to NYC.  There’s a big time gap between rest areas on the east and west of NYC so lots of people stop immediately after; that’s a big drain on anyplace.  But, we stopped much further south and still terrible.
    • On the other hand, big thumbs up to Maryland House.  I remember this one from childhood trips and it is still excellent.  I’d like to assume the other rest stops in Maryland are just as nice.

And now for the previous week.

  • Three kids were at tech camp.
  • Our oldest spent the week preparing for a Home Run derby, which ended up being rescheduled and then cancelled for weather.  It has been very rainy here the past two and a half weeks.
  • I signed the middle four up for fall swimming lessons.
  • The boys had haircuts.
  • One child went to two birthday parties.
  • We went to one doctor’s appointment.