Yes, it’s Tuesday, but I feel like the grocery posts are the ones I should be keeping up with since they just keep coming week after week!

First off today, I missed a trip to Shaw’s two weeks ago.  I didn’t get much and apparently I left the receipt in the bag because when I finally got all the boxes of oatmeal out there it was.  So, I’m adding the $32.23 in this week even though I actually went there last week – same month.


So, back to last week.  On Monday I spent $10.53 at Stop & Shop to grab a few sale items, plus bananas.


I made my monthly stop at BJ’s this week.  It wasn’t as big as the last one at only $170.54 and was timed largely because a big batch of coupons were expiring.

Finally, I did my main shopping on Friday at Wegman’s.  I spent $113.76.  Apparently I forgot to take pictures.  It was a protein heavy trip with pork, ground beef, chicken, and eggs.  So you won’t seethe pork butt, rolls, and potato salad for our weekend BBQ of pulled pork sandwiches.

That brought me to $327.06 which isn’t too bad given that included the BJ’s trip.