I got off track last week.  Saturday was the semi-annual tag sale so I ended up devoting all my free moments towards tagging.  I got halfway through last Tuesday’s post so I’ll add to that and post tomorrow.  I’m picking up my tags today so I’ll get to see how I did.  I can say that the big stuff largely got sold so by volume I had a lot less coming home than I took.

And now for groceries.

The week started off well.  I spent $78.50 at Wegman’s on Monday.  That included six gallons of milk, plus what is pictured.


That same trip I spent $32.45 at Shaw’s on mostly oatmeal and pizza supplies.


Stop & Shop had many things we use regularly on sale this week so I went there on Friday, the first day of the sale cycle.  I spent $98.57.

Unfortunately the ribeyes at Stop & Shop weren’t great.  So, I moved up my Wegman’s trip to try to find some there.  I was successful (but we still prefer steaks from Stop & Shop).  The Wegman’s trip came to $170.63, but it should do us for the week with the exception of milk.  Clearly the steaks were a hefty part of this.

As of now it looks like the only night we’ll have dinner together this week is Tuesday.