We are settling into our fall routine.  Unfortunately that means lots of split dinners.  This week, while the first full week of school, includes 5th grade math night and Back to School Night at the elementary level.  Combined with sports and a one-off event I have Friday night we will not all eat at the same time this week.  As a result you’ll see the quicker items showing up again – pizza supplies, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc.  I’m trying to work in some recipes like chicken pot pie that can be eaten by two separate groups, but that’s just not always possible.

My total this week was $293.24.

On Monday I spent $49.05 at Stop & Shop.  I bought four gallons of milk that were not on sale plus everything you see below that was.  Stop & Shop is not the cheapest place to buy milk, but its close enough that if I’m there for the sale stuff it makes sense to grab a few to cover until the next time I’m at the better priced locations (BJ’s or Wegman’s).


The milk lasted until Thursday, when I ran over to Wegman’s.  I spent $110.54.  You’ll see there are a lot of bulk items in there so some of the bigger ticket items will be spread over multiple meals.  Over the weekend we used some for hamburgers and sausages.  We’ve also had meatball subs and tacos with this shopping.

Then on Friday I spent $133.65 at BJ’s.  I don’t usually go to BJ’s twice in one month, but we discovered we were very low on charcoal and it can be hard to find in the winter.  Since I knew I’d seen the bulk packages at BJ’s I went back there to stock up.


This was all the perishable stuff.  I know I laid out the non-perishables for a picture, but clearly I got distracted and then forgot to take a picture before putting it away!