With December’s arrival I’ve started Christmas thinking/shopping in earnest.  So, I took one day last week to visit a number of stores where I’ve had stocking stuffer success in the past.  Some luck this year, but still some more to go.

The snow has mostly melted and we’re enjoying more mild weather.

Each of the children continued with their baseball, gymnastics, or swimming.  Before School Sports started for fifth grade; those same two went to Math Morning.

I changed the filters in the heating system, which will hopefully cut down on some of the dust in the house.  I still need to clean the ERV filter and replace the filter in the refrigerator; all of that gets done annually.

I sorted through some coupons and gift cards.  In that process I found a bunch of Amazon gift cards.  They were all small, but I loaded them to our account.  I updated the kids’ bank account information.