I acquired groceries five days in a row, but the total wasn’t horrible.

On Tuesday I went to Shaw’s for my monthly stock-up.  With two $5 off coupons and some sale items it came to $40.55.  (Apologies for the terrible lighting.)


Wednesday was my biggest stop of the week, $48.45 at Stop & Shop.  We needed milk and cheese, among other things, was on sale.

On Thursday I picked up Farmer’s to You for $42.45.  The knobby things in the middle are sunchokes, which we had, and liked, yesterday.


On Friday I went to the farm stand for green beans and eggnog.  I did come away with a few more items which brought my total there to $29.18.


Finally, on Saturday I spent $16.32 on juice and granola bars at Target.  My primary goal there was a birthday present.  But, I found two Christmas presents and the groceries tipped my actual total over $50, which let me use my $10 off coupon.

That brought my weekly total to $176.95.  We’ve mostly been eating proteins from the freezers, hence we have had some in most meals without actually buying much this week.

We had a few more split dinners than is preferable this time of year, but it is what it is.


Early: Chicken nuggets, spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza
We added ski fitting to our usual Tuesday swimming and baseball so we split up to catch those who could eat when they could eat.

Beef stew, oatmeal bread

Chili, corn bread
We were short one adult, but I decided to go for chili anyway because the kids will all eat it.  Then I was told it was too similar to beef stew so let’s not have those back to back again.  Oh well!

Early: Macaroni & cheese, green beans
Late: Homemade pizza
We do plan for split dinners on Friday just for a break before the weekend.

Chicken nuggets, cut up carrots and peppers
The adults were off to the company party for dinner so only the kids ate here.

Marinated bavette steaks, sunchokes, and green beans
We’d never had bavette steaks or sunchokes before and liked both.  The bavette steak was like a somewhat more tender flank steak, and I had treated it like one with the marinade so that worked well.  The sunchokes were somewhere between a potato and a parsnip.  I roasted them.  The kids announced that they were fine, but not something they wanted all the time.