Hopefully everyone had a relaxing last week or so.  Ours didn’t quite go as smoothly as planned, but it was all sorted out in time to enjoy Christmas.

This post covers the week before Christmas; you’ll see Christmas week sometime next week, though I don’t promise it will be on its usual Monday.

We didn’t host a feast on Christmas; it was just us.  But, we still had a nice turkey dinner (at lunchtime) and therefore needed a number of groceries.  Plus, there were a lot of items on sale this week that we can make use of both now and in the future.  All in all, a big week.

I started the week on Tuesday at Stop & Shop where I spent $146.19, by far my biggest spend there recently.  The reason being that many things we will use were on good sales; I saved $115.18. (The upside egg noodles package in the picture will bother me every time I look at it, but obviously I’m not restaging this picture.

I realized I should have gotten hot dogs also, when I was driving home.  So the next day I went back to Stop & Shop and spent $14.07 on three packages of hot dogs and three bags of buns.

Thursday was our Farmers to You pickup – $109.51 that was mostly the Christmas turkey.


I made a relatively large trip, at $51.49, to the farm stand.  Since I almost never buy meat there my totals are usually under $25.


Finally, on Sunday I made a very large trip to Wegman’s ($153.03) with the intention that it carry us through until after New Year’s.  That goal is looking good so far.  The pizza was free.  We haven’t had it yet so I can’t say whether we’ll like it or not; we don’t usually get thin crust pizza.

That made for a large weekly total, at $474.29 for the week.  Now, clearly not all of that got eaten during the one week.

But, what did we eat?

Hamburger soup

Early: Macaroni & cheese, spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza

Ham with raisin sauce, pan fried red potatoes, brocolli

I completely forget!

Early: Hot dogs, spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza
We do plan for split dinners on Friday just for a break before the weekend.

Beef roast, potato & sage gratin, carrots

Nacho chicken, brown rice, spinach salad