Well, a big week was thankfully followed by a very small week.

I made two stops.  First, on Thursday, I picked up my Farmers to You box for $43.55.  Yes, that is some pricey chicken.  But, it is oh so tasty.


Then on Friday I spent $66.60 at Wegman’s.  Admittedly, this was not the most organized trip.  We were out of milk so I tried to think of what else we might need, but I didn’t do up a full meal plan before leaving.  If I had fully thought through things I would have gotten some bananas.

That gave me a total of $110.15!  Excellent, though I’m sure my two high weeks this month will be more than balanced out by last week’s big spend.

Now to remember what we ate.  Unfortunately I didn’t write it all down.

I usually do the cleaning myself, but hired someone to deep clean the house on Tuesday.  We had take out pizza so I could focus on tidying up to maximize the use of their time.

Husband was out.  Kids had hot dogs.  I had leftover pizza.

Early: Macaroni & cheese, broccoli
Late: Homemade pizza

Pan fried chicken, 5-grain wild rice & mushroom stuffing, salad

Early: Chicken nuggets, broccoli
Late: Homemade pizza

Pork roast, baked potato, canned peas, carrot sticks

Husband was out again.  Kids had chicken nuggets and broccoli.  I had ravioli.