I had another low grocery week!

My biggest spend was $88.45 at Wegman’s on Tuesday.

I made a small trip – $21.37 – to Stop & Shop on Wednesday.


Finally, I picked up my Farmer’s to You box on Thursday.  It came to $35.85 this week.  Yes, we’re supposed to purchase at least $40 each week.  However, some items are charged by the pound.  So, when you order they estimate a price in the middle of the range, but the final price is based on the actual weight.  I ended up with two smaller than average packages of chicken which brought the total under the recommended $40.  Sometimes one ends up with larger packages so I think it all evens out eventually.


That brought my total to $145.67.  Next week I’ll total up the month and we’ll see how the one really big week balanced (or not) the three small weeks.

It was another week where not everyone was home every night.  Today husband so the kids and I had chicken and dumplings.

I really don’t remember.  I know I thawed some meat for it.  And, I know we ate together.

Early: Hot dogs, spinach salad
Late: The adults went out for a belated Valentines dinner.

Hearty vegetable & pork soup, oatmeal bread

Friday & Saturday:
We were staying with family so meals were covered.

Fajitas, corn