Let’s cover last week’s shopping first.  As I mentioned yesterday, it was a big week because I went to BJ’s.

On Monday I did a fairly standard trip to Wegman’s, spending $107.86 (including a baguette that didn’t make the picture).  It’s been a few weeks since Wegman’s has actually had everything on my list, so I’m going to start mentioning those things too in the vain hope that their stocking folks come across this.  This week they had no parsley (bought elsewhere), family size tater puffs (bought the smaller size), or standard size sub rolls (bought the larger size and cut them in half).


Tuesday was the big trip to BJ’s.  I spent $248.27 on mostly sale items.  Conveniently this was the last day of the March coupon cycle and the April coupons had already been released.

I also went to the farm stand on Tuesday because it was the third school’s fundraiser day.  I spent about $20 (seem to have lost that receipt).


I moved my Farmer’s to You pickup back to Thursday this week.  The box (of mostly meat) was $37.43.


Finally, on Saturday I spent $43.11 at Stop & Shop.


That brought my weekly total to $456.67.  Let’s see what that did to my month.

March TOTAL: $1,097.23

  • Stop & Shop: $215.56
  • Wegman’s: $416.45
  • BJs: $248.27
  • Local: $186.98
    • Farmers to You: $166.98
    • Other Local: $20.00
  • Other: $29.66
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $0
    • Target: $29.66
    • Other: $0

That was a good month!  And, no receipts are hanging over to affect this month so a clean slate going forward.

So, finally, what did we eat last week?

Salmon with soba noodles

Meatball subs, tater tots

Tacos, corn

Early: Chicken nuggets; spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza

Husband was out.  Plus it was the first day of soccer.  Pickup was at 7:00 so I took advantage of the pizza place we drove right past to get take-out pizza.

Husband got home late from the trip.
Early: Macaroni & cheese, tomatoes, applesauce
Late: Homemade pizza

This was a big cooking day!
Beef tenderloin roast, parsnip puree, french onion soup, green beans