I made many small trips to start the month.

I started with $69.03 at Wegman’s on Monday.

Then I spent $35.94 at Shaw’s on Wednesday.  It had been a while since I had been there.  Happily oatmeal was on sale this week.  Unhappily I bought all they had.


I made two stops on Thursday.  First I was at Stop & Shop for peanut butter because apparently I missed that when I went to BJ’s last week: $22.96.


Then I picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $59.40.


Finally, on Sunday I went to Stop & Shop for steaks for the first nice grilling day of the season.  I did buy two additional gallons of milk that didn’t make the picture.  And, I wish they had had more chicken nuggets as they were on sale.  But, what you see (plus the milk) totalled $145.07.


That brought my total for the week to $355.36.  So, an expensive steak dinner and an expensive total to start the month.

This was the first week of spring sports.  Between soccer and baseball practices there are kid activities during the dinner hour every week now through the middle of June.  And, yes, most will happen even if it rains.  I realized I haven’t posted about anything except groceries since mid-December and that since spring is our busy season I’ve often been short posts in the spring, but I’m going to try to get a few more up per week.  Other things were conspiring against me for a while, but I think we can work around those constraints now.

Early (5): Chicken nuggets, applesauce, tomatoes
Late (3): Tuna noodle casserole

No sports today because the standing Tuesday baseball practice was moved to Monday this week.
Picadillo con Espinacas (ground beef with spinach), potato cubes, grated carrot

Early (5): Hot dogs, applesauce, tomatoes
Late (3): Homemade pizza

Chicken pot pie, green beans
This was a split dinner, but the younger ones don’t like crust.  So, I give it to them crustless then add the crust to be done by the time the later three of us are ready to eat.

Early (5): Chicken nuggets, spinach salad
Late (3): Homemade pizza

Early (6, including me): Spaghetti & meatballs
Late (2): Take-out pizza
The first game of the afternoon baseball double-header ran an hour long so it became questionable when they could get home for dinner.  So, we ate and they picked up pizza on the way home.

It was finally (temporarily) warm!
Grilled steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad